How to Clean Your Car for Spring

It’s that time of year when spring cleaning begins. However, there’s a spot people always seem to forget when doing their other chores—their car. Here’s how to clean your car for spring.

how to clean your car for spring

Separate Trash and Things to Keep

Over the cold winter months, you may have thrown food wrappers and belongings into your back seat that you just didn’t feel like carrying inside. Now’s the time to get those out of your car. Use a plastic bin for things you want to keep, but toss all your garbage in a trash bag.

Invest in Car-Cleaning Wipes

Sometimes people get ambitious and plan to detail their entire interior like-new, but if you just don’t have time for that, invest in some wipes that are friendly for the materials in your car and get to annoying places like cupholders and your steering wheel.

Scrub and Vacuum

Get the dirt out of tight places first with a brush, then vacuum. Remove the floor mats too, and shake those out before vacuuming. Don’t forget the trunk!

Clean the Outside

This is what you might envision when you think of cleaning your car. Soap it up, hose it down, and remember to do your windows and wheels last.

Another useful thing to do in the spring is to go over basic car maintenance. For more help with that, visit our experts at Ken Pollock Mitsubishi.