How to Clean Your Car for Spring

It’s that time of year when spring cleaning begins. However, there’s a spot people always seem to forget when doing their other chores—their car. Here’s how to clean your car for spring.

how to clean your car for spring

Separate Trash and Things to Keep

Over the cold winter months, you may have thrown food wrappers and belongings into your back seat that you just didn’t feel like carrying inside. Now’s the time to get those out of your car. Use a plastic bin for things you want to keep, but toss all your garbage in a trash bag.

Invest in Car-Cleaning Wipes

Sometimes people get ambitious and plan to detail their entire interior like-new, but if you just don’t have time for that, invest in some wipes that are friendly for the materials in your car and get to annoying places like cupholders and your steering wheel.

Scrub and Vacuum

Get the dirt out of tight places first with a brush, then vacuum. Remove the floor mats too, and shake those out before vacuuming. Don’t forget the trunk!

Clean the Outside

This is what you might envision when you think of cleaning your car. Soap it up, hose it down, and remember to do your windows and wheels last.

Another useful thing to do in the spring is to go over basic car maintenance. For more help with that, visit our experts at Ken Pollock Mitsubishi.

How to Prepare Your Car for Fall

As the days get shorter and cooler, it will start to feel more and more like autumn. Before the colorful leaves start arriving, you need to properly prepare your car for fall. Here are a few suggestions to ensure your vehicle is ready.

prepare your car for fall

  • Check your tires. Wet leaves on the road can lead to slick conditions. Make sure the tires have enough tread to properly grip the road.
  • Turn on the heat. Before the temperatures drop too low, turn on your heater to make sure everything works.
  • Get new wipers. Your windshield wiper blades should be replaced every 6-12 months. If your wipers are leaving streaks or the rubber is cracked, it is time for a new set.
  • Inspect your lights. Check all of the vehicle’s exterior lights. Replace any broken bulbs and make sure they are all angled correctly.
  • Inspect your battery. A weak battery will fail when it starts to get really cold. Look for any corrosion; clean off the terminals. If your battery doesn’t have enough power, get a new one.

If you need help getting your car ready for fall, schedule a service appointment here at Ken Pollock Mitsubishi; we will make sure you are good to go.

How to Do an Oil Change at Home

oil change at homeSometimes, it can be nice to know some basic repair skills, like tire swaps and changing your oil, for sticky situations. The team at Ken Pollock Mitsubishi is here to help! If you’re ever in a bind, here are a few steps to help you get started on an oil change at home.

First, you have to find the correct oil and filter for your car. Check your owner’s manual or ask them to look it up for you at the parts store if you aren’t sure. You’ll also need a socket wrench, an oil filter wrench, a funnel, something to catch the old oil as it pours out, and rags.

You want to change the oil when the car is warm, but not blazing hot. Let the engine idle for a few minutes to warm up the oil and help it flow better. Then, locate your drain plug. If you don’t have enough room, you’ll have to jack your car up a couple of feet off the ground.

Put the oil pan under the drain plug, and then use the socket wrench to turn the plug to the left to loosen it. Let the old oil pour out into the pan until it slows to a drip. Replace the plug and then locate the oil filter. Use the filter wrench to loosen it and then use your hand to remove the filter. Put some motor oil on the new filter to keep it from sticking and slide it into place.

Now that your new filter is in place and your drain plug is back on, you can start adding new oil. Pop the hood open and find your oil well, and simply pour as much oil in as your owner’s manual calls for. Check periodically with your dipstick to see if the oil level is high enough.

If this seems like a bit much or you’d prefer to have it done by our well-trained mechanics, stop by Ken Pollock Mitsubishi today! We’d be happy to help you out with any of your repair or maintenance needs.